Where can I get involved?

The last event of the Focusmonth on Migration took place on Sunday at the Zentralwäscherei. With their own stand, various organisations and associations involved in the field of migration were able to introduce themselves at the «Mitmachmarkt», network and attract new motivated people to the organisation.

The organisations were able to present themselves with their own stands at the «Mitmachmarkt» (Quelle: Elio Donauer)

Would you like to get involved? There are many organisations and associations in the Zurich area that are active in the field of migration. These organisations are often dependent on donations and volunteers. Here you will find some organisations that are looking forward to hearing from you.

Freiplatzaktion Zurich

Freiplatzaktion Zürich is committed to enforcing the rights of refugees and migrants and their families. It offers state-independent legal advice and brings legal grievances to the attention of the public, organises discussions and is involved in local and national political projects. Freiplatzaktion sees its work as activist legal work.

Secondas Zurich

Secondas Zurich is a discussion platform for migration policy issues and a cross-party working group for migration policy proposals and initiatives. Swiss and dual citizens are just as welcome as foreigners. Secondas is involved at all political levels – federal, cantonal and municipal – in order to realise a modern and fair migration and integration policy.

Autonome Schule Zurich

The Autonome Schule Zurich (ASZ) sees itself as a place of encounter and exchange, regardless of origin, religion or residence status. It is a project against racism and injustice. The collectively organised and independent educational project offers free courses in various areas, such as language, mathematics, sport and computer skills. The programme is currently used by 800 people. Due to the high demand, the ASZ is always looking for motivated course instructors. They also organise film evenings and work together with projects in Switzerland and abroad.


Solinetz contributes to improving the living conditions of several hundred refugees in the Zurich area through various projects. Solinetz offers German courses and lunch several times a week, visits refugees in deportation detention or in emergency shelters, organises hikes, arranges one-to-one tandems, organises lectures and much more.


Capacity is aimed at people with a migration background and offers workshops, training and individual mentoring programmes to support participants in the areas of business start-ups, business development and integration into the labour market. The aim of Capacity is to promote the entrepreneurial potential and professional skills of participants, offer them networking opportunities and facilitate their integration into the Swiss labour market.

The organisations are dependent on the work of volunteers. (Quelle: Elio Donauer)

Glocal Roots

Glocal Roots aims to create networks and structures that support displaced people in becoming resilient and autonomous again. The Glocal Steps project supports people with a refugee background in entering the Swiss labour market with the help of two-person tandems.

Asyl-Organisation Zurich

The Asyl-Organisation Zürich (AOZ) offers tandem programmes in which volunteers and refugees spend time together every week for at least six months. They explore the neighbourhood together, spend their free time together, or complete administrative tasks. The main aim is to make friends. Because when you have friends, you feel at home. The AOZ is also looking for volunteers from the neighbourhood for children's play afternoons, homework help or football for adults.


Sportegration organises a sports programme of over 40 courses per week in various cities. Because sport knows no language or national borders. The schedule also includes language courses. The programme should be as low-threshold as possible: Refugees can train for free and locals for a symbolic donation. Sportgeration is happy to welcome new trainers so that the range of courses can be constantly expanded.

Red Cross

The Red Cross offers a range of volunteering opportunities. For example, refugees can be supported in learning German and finding a job or apprenticeship. You can get involved and explore the neighbourhood together in a tandem. The Red Cross also organises various activities for refugees and helps children with their homework.

ExpoTranskultur Association

The ExpoTranskultur association is dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. The association was founded to support the exchange between people of different origins and cultures, thereby promoting better understanding and a stronger community. ExpoTranskultur's activities include cultural events, workshops, exhibitions and educational projects designed to make the diversity of cultures visible and promote intercultural exchange.

You could stock up on information material at the stands. (Quelle: Elio Donauer)

Social Fabric

Social Fabric is a community sewing studio. The creators have set themselves the goal of offering people with a refugee background training opportunities and social inclusion. At Social Fabric, participants can learn and apply various skills in textile crafts, sewing and design. Sewing is an important and effective way for the team to help shape the local community and culture.


Accompagno makes complementary therapy and alternative medicine accessible free of charge to refugees, undocumented migrants and other people living in precarious financial and social conditions. Accompagno provides medical and therapeutic guidance and support that goes beyond basic care. Complementary therapists and alternative doctors work free of charge in their own practices for the people who turn to Accompagno.


Caritas' Incluso programme places young people with mentors who support them in their search for an apprenticeship. Finding an apprenticeship can be a challenge, especially for teenagers and young adults with a migration background. They need a good network of contacts, knowledge of the Swiss vocational training system and confidence in their own strengths. This is where Incluso comes in.

OFF place for women

«OFF Ort für Frauen» is a meeting place with a daily structure and low-threshold programmes for refugee women, migrant women and their children. They learn German, cook together, receive support with administrative tasks, visit a museum or go on an excursion.

Friends on Bikes

Friends on Bikes is a team of cycling enthusiasts who want to help refugees become more mobile in their new hometown by offering free cycling courses. The courses are primarily aimed at adult beginners. However, anyone who already knows how to ride a bike but still feels unsafe on the roads is also very welcome. The course takes place on Sunday afternoons.

Welcome to School

Welcome to School teaches 96 teenagers and young adults with a refugee background in six classes. The school aims to use education and culture to help pupils arrive in Switzerland and make it easier for them to continue their education or enter the world of work. The full-school programme covers all school subjects.

Cuisines sans frontiers

The organisation uses the power of cooking and gastronomy to support communities in crisis and conflict areas. CSF's aim is to create spaces of dialogue, understanding and peace through cooking and eating together. These projects not only provide food aid, but also training opportunities in the field of catering, which promotes the economic independence of the participants.

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