25. Juli 2022 um 07:46

Please welcome our new expat columnist Dancoise!

What is it like to live in Zurich as an expat? And what can expats expect from Zurich and the people here? Our new columnist Dancoise Miller knows the ropes and reports on life as an expat in Zurich over the summer.

Several tens of thousands of expats live in the Zurich region. Although Zurich residents and expats live in the same place, there are hardly any points of contact or exchange between them. Those who have been settled here for a long time and those who have only been in Switzerland for a short time often live past each other.

With our new summer column, we want to bring these two living worlds a little closer together. Dancoise Miller, the founder of Expat Ladies Zurich, will tell us about her life. Through her large network and her own life, she knows exactly what the working worlds and also the social life of expats in Zurich look like.

In the next five weeks Dancoice will take us with her and show us the life of the expats in Zurich and vice versa.

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